Centova Cast Auto Dj Setup

How to add music to your auto dj

To upload media for your autoDJ using web control panel:

  1. In the navigation panel at the left-hand side of the screen, click Files under the AutoDJ heading.

2. Click upload at bottom of the next page.

3.Click the Select files button. A file browser dialog should open, allowing you to browse your home computer for the media files you want to upload.

4. Select your media files you want to upload and click open. Files will automatically start to upload. Then click close, to close box.

5. Songs should appear on page. Now click return on bottom left of page.

6. Click media under Autodj heading.

7. Drag and drop songs from pane to standard rotation. Then click return.

8. Start or restart autodj.

How to make DJ Accounts (Encoders)

  1. In the navigation panel at the left-hand side of the screen, click on DJs.

2. Click Create DJ account.

3. Fill out Dj Account Settings only. (note how the picture is filled out. One word in username and password. Use letters and numbers. Centova does not like real words in the password. Use different spelled words or random letters and numbers. If Centova gives an error, try something else. )

4. Open a new notepad or get a scratch piece of paper to make notes of what was just entered. You need the stream url , port , and password. This is the tricky part. As shown below, your password will be what you put in username separated by a colon and then password you entered in.

5. When done, click Save at bottom left.

6. Start or restart autodj. (It is important to restart autodj after making any changes. )