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Sam Broadcaster SetUp

Sam Broadcaster SetUp

1st thing you will Need to have is a Sam Broadcaster

Spacial - SAM Broadcaster

Let's talk about Sam Broadcaster a little, When Purchasing the Sam Broadcaster Through:

Spacial - Spacial

There are Different versions of the Sam Broadcaster So Choosing the right version is important looking At the Sam Broadcaster Download Page

Spacial - Spacial Downloads


There is a free ver which is the LITE version And WILL NOT WORK WITH PPS ENCODERS Dont get this Version

There is a less expensive ver which is the PLUS version And WILL NOT WORK WITH PPS ENCODERS Dont get this Version

The Sam Broadcaster PRO version WILL WORK With The PPS Encoders <-Recommended

The Sam Broadcaster STUDIO version WILL WORK With The PPS Encoders

So Your Options to buy Are: PRO / STUDIO

Spacial - SAM Broadcaster

How to Select the Right Database

Firebird is already packaged with the SAM Broadcaster installation file. Users who don’t want to go through the hassle of installing a database server separately will appreciate this option.
However, there are a few trade-offs. Firebird is slightly slower than MySQL or MS SQL. As such, it’s best to use another database if your music library contains more than 20,000 tracks. Also, while there’s no problem integrating Firebird with dynamic PHP, ASP, or other Web languages, many developers don’t have experience working with Firebird. So MySQL or MS SQL might be a better option if Web integration is high on your list of priorities.

Power users should use this database. This means downloading and installing MySQL separately, and before you install SAM Broadcaster.
Installing MySQL is quite simple and worth the effort. It’s fast and used for most open-source languages like PHP. Plus, the MySQL is free.
PurePowerStreams Provide A MySQL Version That will Work with Your Sam Broadcaster


Spacial - Spacial Downloads

Dont get Lured into buying Dj Seats For your Sam Broadcaster

Only the original owner of the SAM Broadcaster license may purchase DJ Seats, attribute them to different DJs and contact Spacial Support for assistance.
Only SAM Broadcaster’s owner can purchase DJ Seats bundles by loging into Spacial’s User Zone
You may not resell DJ Seats once your have purchase them. Spacial sells DJ Seats to stations that have a maximum of 300 listeners simultaneously.
Spacial will send SAM Broadcaster’s owner new DJ Seats keys every 4 months to make it easier to assign them to new DJs, if DJs are in heavy rotation at your station. Spacial will cancel the old keys at the same time.
DJ Seats are for Single streams stations with multiple Djs They are not ment to be used off the designated station the seat was purchased for.

Bottom Line Here Is Buy Your own Sam Broadcaster Here-> Spacial - SAM Broadcaster

(Note - cracked versions of sams are not supported for installs by PurePowerStreams.)

PurePowerStreams does all support service through Skype. Please install Skype from www.skype.com
Contact A Tech Via Skype Click Here

(Minimal Tech Setup fees may appy - consult your tech for options)

If you want to run a speed test go to:

After you fill out the PurePowerStream DJ application a Power Pack Stream Tech will contact you via Skype to get your stream set up.

To aid the Power Pack Stream Tech in your set up we use a program called Team Viewer - this is a must to have when the Power Pack Stream Tech is ready to aid your set up. Download Team Viewer at:
You need to install this as personal and full control.

Power Pack Stream Tech help - the Power Pack Stream Tech will come in your computer via team viewer and set up your DataBase Software and Sam (if needed) from your desktop folder, then install your stat relay and encoder in your Sam to stream the world wide web. They will show you how to add music, set your mic up to use, show you where to find your info page on PurePowerStreams website and show you how to access the player code html for your stream player.
(Minimal Tech Setup fees may appy - consult your tech for options)

Auto DJ Users will need an FTP uploader, we suggest :

Filzilla FTP. Download here: http://filezilla-project.org/download.php?type=client

Core FTP. Download here: http://www.coreftp.com/download/coreftplite.exe


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