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DJ Help Video'

DJ Help Video's

Install Broadcasting Software

  Install MYSQL
  Install Sam 4.2.2. - Configure Sam - Add Music

Add a Encoder

  Setup Stat Realy & Encoder in Sam 4.2.2. 64kbps 44.1 stereo mp3Pro Encoder
  Setup Stat Relay & Encoder in Sam 4.2.2. 128kbps 44.1 stereo mp3Normal Encoder
  Auto DJ System - Adding Stat Relay & Encoder In Sam 4.2.2. 128kbps aacplus Encoder For DJ'S

Auto DJ System Config

  Filezilla Setup - Ftp Config - Playlist Manager
  Auto DJ System Config - Playlist Manager , DJ Manager - Sam 4.2.2. Add AACPlus encoder for Autodj System Owners

More Sam Config

  Add music to, SAM 4.9.x Broadcaster
  How to set up a clockwheel rotation, SAM 4.9.x
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